Prince Charming

Well it has been an insanely busy and social week for me and I cannot believe I am JUST getting to write a post. I kept thinking all week, “I have to write a post, but what do I want to write about?” There were many happenings that moved me and inspired me but I couldn’t quite put my finger on what would make me laugh while writing. My main goal when I write is to simply make myself laugh, to make a comedy of my life, to allow me to realize just how crazy and interesting this thing is that we call life. I wrote something in my phone while I was walking to work the other day (I told you I write wherever). It was just a snippet but it was a thought of the moment and I always write those down. They can lead to so much more than one thought. They are reminders of a moment that stuck out in my mind that I will want to go back to at some point in the future. Try it sometime, you will be surprised what happens.

What I wrote:

I walk around the city as a single gal with hope in my head and love in my heart. Music helps me stay focused on my life and my happiness. M83 Midnight City comes on Pandora. Just the beat makes me take a look around, breathe the fresh cold air and smile, knowing there’s so much out there for me. So much I have yet to tap into. My future is limitless as long as I maintain truth to myself. Hope. Love.

Now I sit listening to that song and within the first beat I am reminded of that emotion I felt. I don’t even know the words. It’s the computer generated beat that I love so much that moves my soul. And like I wrote on my walk, my future is limitless and that ignites a fire in me to live my life like I never have before. Being social on a weeknight even though I have to get up at 4 am, hanging out with girlfriends, seeing family, going on dates, cooking, drinking wine, signing up for a cooking class (to be done) are all things I haven’t ever done; especially the date thing. 🙂

Prince Charming.


My friend from work always jokes about the fact that Prince Charming is taking a little longer than expected to come along. She also mentioned how she used to look like Raggedy Ann at work until her mom said to her something along the lines of, “No wonder guys don’t ask you out.” I fell onto the floor in tears at that comment. Now I will tell you, I have never really dated…you know gone out on dates, where a guy takes you to a nice dinner and you have an intellectual conversation (if I have a sneaking suspicion there aren’t brain cells up there, I don’t go on that date). But I haven’t had a ton of boyfriends either. I count 3 real ones…my last one never took me on dates which I am still trying to understand. Anyone? Epic fail.

I like to get dressed up. I like to put make up on. I like to straighten my hair. I like to socialize. I like to be girly. After my break up and when I was single growing up I was either too tired, bawling my eyes out or so insanely fed up with the male species that every time I was asked out (which wasn’t often even when I was single before) I would find a reason to say no and totally run away. I also used ski racing as an excuse. Ski racing was my relationship and nothing was allowed to threaten that sacred part of my life. But now that I don’t race anymore and I realize that Prince Charming is simply just not going to show up on my door and ask me to marry him, I really need to start being social before I end up as the cat lady and CLEARLY I do not want that.


No thank you.

But I can totally dream that he will just show up right? I know someday I will meet that special guy, that Prince Charming. Until that happens, however, I intend to be social on weeknights, to hang out with my girlfriends, to drink great wine, eat great food, cook until I drop and have as much fun as humanly possible. Life is short. Live it up.

And as my friend said after a dinner this past week with some awesome coworkers, “It’s people like this that make it worth setting a 4:30 AM alarm…6 nights a week…because they’re standing right there next to you (at the gym of course).” That makes me smile huge and if I can meet more people like that (even though most of them won’t be standing there right next to me at the gym unless they are crazy enough to train with me at that hour), then I will be happily fulfilled with the direction my life is headed. I will be surrounded by people who inspire me to be a better person so that maybe when Prince Charming comes along, I will be ready.

Off to dinner. 🙂


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