Oh skiing how I’ve missed you!

This past weekend I headed up to Vermont to spend time with my family and to ski for the first time since surgery in January 2014! It’s been about a year since I have been on the hill so needless to say I was pretty stoked. When I retired from ski racing in 2010 I never wanted to look at a pair of skis again because after busting my butt for 17 years trying to make it in the ski world, I simply didn’t have what it took and that was a real downer. I snowboarded my first year out of college and then moved to Boston on a whim in 2011 so skiing became a twice a year thing; Thanksgiving and Christmas. Last year I went one day over Thanksgiving and one day over Christmas breaks because my hip hurt too much. Then surgery happened and skiing was completely out of my mind considering I was simply trying to navigate the snow on crutches. Then on March 13th (my dad’s birthday), Vermont got a massive snow storm and for the first time since retiring, I desperately wanted to ski. But clearly that wasn’t going to happen because of this…

photo 2-24photo 3-19photo 1-25photo 3-21

I made a vow to ski more this year but when Thanksgiving rolled around, I suddenly didn’t want to go which would mean I would break father daughter skiing tradition. WHAT?!?!! What was I thinking? Get your shit together Kara. So last Friday after stuffing my face with my family in Medfield on Thanksgiving, my dad, mom and brother piled into our suburban for the 4 hour drive to Vermont. As we got closer to our destination and the snow got deeper and deeper, the little shredder in me came out and I was suddenly giddy with anticipation to get on the slopes! 

When I told my dad Friday night that we would have a 7 am departure time he kind of looked at me with this face that was seriously questioning my decision. I think he figured I would want to sleep in considering I am up at 4:30 am most every day but I wanted to get there for first chair, clearly. Sure enough I was up at 6:20 am, fully dressed in my gear making a ham, egg and cheese on an English muffin and downing coffee.

emOh did I mention what the weather was like…


But it was our first father daughter day in a year and if you know me, you know my father is my best friend, my right hand man that stood by me during the most intense days of my ski career and in my life, so the frigid weather we were about to willingly subject ourselves to was well worth it.

dad and me

As I rode up the chair lift I suddenly got nervous that I had forgotten how to ski and that my hip wouldn’t hold up. Well, I was wrong! Those first few turns were heaven. I forgot how much I love the feel of the snow under my skis as I laid them on edge and they effortlessly came around into the next turn, generating more and more speed with each turn. Granted I could only do about 15 turns before I had to stop, shake out my legs and catch my breath. No amount of working out prepares you for actually bombing down the mountain but it felt so good. The sun was shining, the snow was perfect and I was with my dad and a few of his friends. Heaven on earth for me.

photo 2-49

One happy lady here…

photo 1-46

After skiing we took my pup Honey Bear for a walk in the notch so needless to say we were BOTH very hungry after…

bear food

Day 1 complete with a 7 am departure time scheduled for Sunday. 🙂 REALLLLLYYYYY??? Yup. It was much warmer Sunday but there was no sun…I’ll take it regardless. Team Crow selfies were in order…

photo 4-30 photo 5-22

I don’t look at all like my parents. 🙂

I can’t tell you how much fun I had skiing and how good it felt to get back on the slopes. I forgot how much I really do love it. I met some random guys from Boston that asked me why on earth I don’t get up more. That was kind of a slap to the face so even though I hate the bus, I am going to ski more than twice a year this winter just so I can work on my moves…


Even though I could barely move Sunday after skiing, I left Vermont more excited than ever to get back up there. Christmas skiing here I come!

photo 3-39

*If anyone wants to join me this winter let me know! The more, the merrier! Especially if you have a car 🙂

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