The little things

Lots of reflection this weekend…I ask myself, what are the simple things in life that I love? What makes me smile, what makes me giddy, what reminds me of where I am now and how far I have come, what have I moved on from but cherished so deeply?

(Not in any particular order except for Malbec was supposed to be #1)

1. Malbec


2. Songs that make me feel that someday I will fall head over heels in love with someone and they would jump through hoops to be with me. Everything I do, I do in love and I just want to be in love (with something other than wine and cookies)

photo 4-7

3. Moments like this that capture happiness (and crappy IPhone pictures)

photo 2-17136_519911476140_3692_n

(The fab four: Sorry guys. If you read this, don’t get mad, I had to post it. Epic night in college)

4. Random signs that come at the perfect time.

photo 3-7

5. My tattoos that remind me of what I’ve been through, who I am and what got me to where I am today.

photo 1-19 photo 2-19 photo 3-14 photo 4-8

6. Ornaments like this that just make me giggle every time I see it on my tree.

photo 2-18

7. Pinterest finds like this one. Reminds me to live my life every day.


8. All my friends that I don’t have enough room to post pictures for. I cherish you all more than you know.


9. This guy who I will love forever and who helped me stay alive when shit got real in college. I will always love you and you know that.


10. Salmon (duh)


11. Cookies (to say the least)


12. This beauty


13. Forever knowing that I used to be good at this sport


14. My family


15. Which leads me to this guy…thankful for learning so much about myself with him. Maybe someday we can be friends because no matter how much I try to convince myself that I don’t miss you, I do. Thank you for being you.

photo 1-18

Sometimes it’s nice to reflect on what is so amazing in your life because it becomes hard to remember every day…and that when you get to #15 and you know you’ve lost it, it doesn’t seem so bad.

I’ve definitely been reflecting a lot this week. Sorry for the sappy stuff. Sometimes you just need to hit repeat in order to make it more of a reality.


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