Dancing in my underpants!

I must ask first and foremost, WHY IS THERE ALWAYS PASTRIES FRONT AND CENTER AT PHOTO SHOOTS????? AND, why do they always ask you if you want one and then say you probably shouldn’t? I mean COME ON! Do you know who I am and what I love??? Torture. Pure, evil TORTURE! 


Today was by far the best day I have had in a long time. I mean every day is a good day, but then there are those days where you feel like you are flying, days where you wonder why you could ever have been sad. And to think I was so sad just a short time ago…well no more!!!! EEEK today was pee in my pants, giggle and dance around the room fun!

My day started at the NOX with a client that is quite possibly the exact replica of me but in male form. He made my day by bringing me a bottle of this…


I think I have had two sips and am in heaven. Pure heavenly bliss….ahhhh. So yeah, kicked his butt this morning, got a solid pep talk, did some abdominal work to pump up my abs and get them all excited for the day and then I was off! Off to my very first underwear shoot! 

I walk into the studio and am welcomed by Christmas music and smiles from everyone. I was a wee bit nervous but they made me feel like home. Those pastries sitting in the middle of the table made me feel like home as well so I breathed a sigh of relief. When I say I could not get those pastries off my mind during the entire shoot, I am being 150% serious. They were taunting me as they sat there begging to be devoured. As I was getting my make up done, I just stared at them telling them I would come back for them when they least expected it…then I was reminded I was going to be in underwear. Kara, focus. 

OH MY GOODNESS. I just switched my pandora station to Prince, which is what we were listening to at the shoot after the Christmas music got old and guess what comes on?!?! Kiss by Prince. Holy heaven! This song came on when I was standing there in my skivvies and it made me want to shake my little booty but I couldn’t because I was trying to pose! But now that I am home, oh man is the booty shakin! If you don’t start to wiggle your hips and scrunch up your face trying to sing this song, then you really should give it a try. It will change your life.

Back to the shoot…I must say I felt a teeny bit awkward in the beginning, partially because this was my 3rd clothing photo shoot and I really don’t have a clue how to pose and partially because I was in a tank and undies. But then when I got positive feedback, it became a lot easier. And once I started to get to know the crew more, it got even better! Joking around on set makes it so much easier to get good shots. Remember when I said that modeling is very hard because there are a million things you need to think about? Well, today was no different. (Are those pastries still over there???)

“Okay, we want you to face your hips to the right, rotate your hips to the left, right foot forward, more weight on your left leg, crunch your abs, hollow your belly, arms above the head and relax your left butt cheek.” What? Somehow we managed to get that shot. I kept staring down at my lower abs yelling at them to stay flexed. They would be perfect for about 30 seconds and then I could just see them starting to relax no matter how hard I tried to keep them tight. It must have been the scone from Wednesday…or the bowl of Rice Krispies I had at 1 am this morning….oops. (Pastries still there?) But I was like an ambi-turner today! That would be a person that turns in one direction only, in case you’ve never heard that term before. My left obliques are KILLING me! Thank heavens they were shooting the left butt cheek though. That’s my better butt cheek. The right one has just atrophied because of my hip injury. Poor right butt cheek. Nothing personal. 🙂

So the shoot started at 10:30 and it took about 3 hours for a blonde joke to come out…one of the witty brothers on set decided it would be funny to make a comment about me being a ditzy blonde. Excuse me? Ditzy?!?! Ok. Sometimes I can make pretty dumb, ditzy remarks but come on? Really? BUT that makes me happy because you have to be a pretty awesome person to make a blonde joke to a blonde and I love meeting awesome people. To say everyone was awesome is an understatement. I like the word phenomenal…they were beyond phenomenal. I wish everyone was as cool and fun and upbeat as everyone at the studio today. They made my experience that much more enjoyable. I didn’t actually want to leave especially because they had chocolate from Switzerland. Yes, Switzerland. Land of amazing chocolate!


They must have known I was trying to feed my imperfections. Wait, where are the pastries?? Am I done shooting yet? Yes? Oh thank heavens!!!


Woh thats a big picture! Jeesh! I finally got my scone. But to be quite honest, after those chocolates it really wasn’t THAT good. All in all, today was a PHENOMENAL day and I am so thankful to have been a part of it! 

Oh, how life has changed in a matter of a few days…I like me better when I am happy. And I intend to keep it that way! 

Remember….drink good wine.




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