My first apple pie!!!

“I am proud of you.” I said this to myself last night after I made my very first apple pie without my mother’s help. Come to think of it we only made one apple pie together and she did most of the work so that one doesn’t really count. Due to this first apple pie creation, I had a massive sugar headache and wanted to pop. That is kind of how I will feel after the Thanksgiving feast with my family next week so in my mind I am just simply training for Thanksgiving, right? This apple pie was a test run for Thanksgiving anyways.

I must say that I am more excited than ever this year because we have a new addition to the family. My brother and his wife had the cutest little baby in the whole wide world. And I am not just saying that. Really, she is. I would post a pic of the little nugget but she is way to cool for the internet. Hopefully she will approve of this creation (I followed a Pinterest recipe, again. Obsessed) I am seriously so giddy and excited about this pie.

photo 1-5

Cinnamon bun base. I am an idiot and did not put the dough all the way up the side, but it still came out fine.

photo 2-5

I had extras (because I forgot to put them on the sides of the pie pan) so I baked them at 425 for an amount of time I cannot remember. All I payed attention to was how crispy they were. Hello amazing-ness. My mother always made these out of extra pie crust although she was smart enough to cover the walls of the pie pan. Live and learn.

photo 3-4

Baked that bad boy at 425 for 15 ish minutes then reduced heat to 375 for however long it took to look like that, and be all crispy and stuff.


Had some extra juices from the apples, brown sugar, white sugar and lemon juice so I poured it into a separate bowl and tossed in some pinches of flour to thicken it up so that I could pour it alllllll over my pie and ice cream to make it extra delicious. Which I must say it was a grand idea. Go me!

I will admit I woke up in the middle of the night and had more of the little pinwheels and then had more pie for breakfast. I felt like I was on crack at work. Needless to say I will not be having pie until Thursday.

You seriously need to make this pie. It’s all of heaven in a pan, floating on a cloud as I ate it. Enough said.

Adapted from these two sites:

For the base:

For the pie: I used golden delicious, macintosh and a third one that I cannot for the life of me remember…but it was yummy! I’ll pay attention next time. And I used a lot more sugar than the recipe calls for. So really this was just a guideline. 🙂

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