Holy Smokes What A Week!!!

I can’t believe what happened this week. Talk about completely unexpected, out of the blue, crazy, cool, exciting experiences! I wasn’t expecting to do ANY modeling whatsoever until I was back to being super lean, as I currently think I look like a beached whale but beached whale or not, I got booked 3 jobs with Reebok this week! Fit modeling on Wednesday, CrossFit photo shoot on Thursday (that was a long 10 hour day!) and a video shoot today. Talk about mind blowing! Never in my life did I think anyone would want to hire me when I look like I do. I find myself repeating positive affirmations all day long in order to keep my confidence. But apparently Reebok likes my look right now which I am so incredibly thankful for as I love the products and love the vibe of the company.

This whole week was a whirlwind between canceling and rescheduling clients at the drop of a hat, frantically booking a Zipcar last minute, driving to Canton for a casting on Tuesday, driving to Canton for the Fit modeling on Wednesday, driving to Canton (again) Thursday for the Crossfit photo shoot and driving to Quincy today. Oh, and trying to find time to breathe but I did it and I am so happy I did. I was hesitant because of the old body but encouragement from clients and friends got my ass in gear.

So let me take you on a little flash back…

Day 1: Fit modeling

What is it? When a company is designing a clothing line they need to fit the clothes to a living, breathing person instead of a mannequin in order to see how the clothing falls and what not. They have their sample size that is based on market research of what the measurements are of the average consumer that would buy the product. They need a model that fits the measurements they are looking for that fit the sample size they are designing. I have gone for Fit model castings a bunch of times at Reebok but never actually got a job doing it. Typically they like to stick with the same model as they design the line (at least that’s my understanding) so I think Wednesday was kind of like a tryout for me in a way and it was totally awesome. Imagine putting on an outfit (for me it was LOTS of bras, shorts, crop tops..basically minimal and tight) and having like 8 people looking at how the clothes fall and then discussing at length any alterations needed.

Pull this drop shoulder up. No that doesn’t look good. How about making it tighter? How about making the bra more revealing? We need to do something about those “cookies” (as in padding in the bra).What do you think if we made it shorter? We have to think about function over image here. No that doesn’t look good. Does that look too plasticky? Etc…. Lots of poking, prodding and pinning but it was kind of fun! I got to try on some kick ass clothes and I cannot wait until the line comes out! Best part about it…I won’t have to worry about trying them on again!

Day 2: 10 hour Crossfit photo shoot

Am I going to have to do Crossfit movements? Are you sure they want me? I haven’t really exercised in 10 weeks. Hush, Kara. I walk into the set and am immediately greeted with friendly faces. I ask very quickly what type of movements we will be performing that day…think box jumps, KB swings, squats, etc. but that wasn’t the case. The shoot was mostly stills. We held weights and what not but it was nothing too strenuous. Although I will proudly tell you that I did do a few dealifts with 95 lbs!!!! It was an extremely weird feeling since it has been so long but it felt so good! And to make it even more awesome, it didn’t hurt!!! Yippee!!!

The only thing I was really not happy about was they ordered Bertucci’s for lunch…pizza? Really? Of course I was starving and of course I couldn’t eat any of it because I still had lots and lots of shots in a bra and shorts. As I sat there enviously watching everyone eat pizza loaded with meat and veggies, I dreamt of having a piece after the shoot. I was literally banking on that and it was kind of what got me through eating my dry salad and veggies. Sadly by the time I finished, the pizza had been taken away. 😦 Huge let down.

One thing I love about photo shoots is getting my hair and make up done…

photo 5-14 photo 4-23 photo 1-34

Day 3:

Today was the coolest shoot I’ve been to because it was a video shoot which is something I’ve never done. I had no idea what this video shoot would entail but I was pleasantly surprised at how fun it was. Now I must admit, I struggle with posing. When a photographer says, “Alright, now we are just going to do poses for the outfit so change your pose every shot and make sure to mix it up”, I respond, in my mind of course, with an ummmmm, help! And I instantly start shaking in my boots…or Crossfit kicks in this case. But I’m learning.

So of course my outfit was shorts and a bra but I felt really pretty with my really pretty fish tail braid…

photo 3-32 photo 5-17

So we walk on set and there is a short cat walk that is all black with a black back drop and bright lights everywhere. There is a sliding camera and about 15 people in the room. They have me rip out some push ups to get warm and boy was I proud of my 15 perfect push ups! I mean, I had to impress them. We are then asked to pose with some swagger, natural swagger that is. Finally, something I can do! Now I am not saying I have mad awesome swagger but I know how to throw it out there. I mean hell, I was wearing a bra and I was freaking out about my abs being not so ab-ish so I had to show confidence in my swagger. My wingman Tao was right by my side boosting my confidence about my abs (he was fully clothed of course). We gave our swagger in our poses and then were asked to walk the walk…with swagger of course. Show time Kara. I felt so badass!

We finished the shoot by simply standing in a few poses for a couple minutes each while the camera ran the length of our bodies to catch the details of the clothing. Of course my tattoos were somewhat of a hit too. 🙂 They wanted to “show the ink.” I watched as they scaled Tao and was amazed at how awesome it looked with the right lighting and speed. It’s amazing what they can do. Now I have no idea what the video is going to be used for but I would KILL to see what mine looked like. In those moments I felt like an athlete, like a model, like a hard core bad ass bitch and it was awesome!

After the shoot wrapped, I hopped in my trusty Zipcar and booked it back to my apartment, changed into casual preppy attire, hopped back in my Zipcar and headed to yet another casting call for Reebok. Show up, take one picture and leave. Then wait. Check email non stop. Hope and pray I get the job.

All in all the last 3 days were pretty awesome and I couldn’t feel more hopeful for my future. Not only for modeling but for the fact that every day my hip gets stronger and every day I get closer to being able to “return to full activity”. Until then I plan on enjoying every minute of this crazy and unexpected adventure we call life.



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